Founded in 2012, Em-J teamed up with her Mother - a manufacturing expert after feeling frustrated with her own make-up kit organisation as well as the lack of imagination within the professional market.

It all began with a simple pencil roll and selling them on eBay. News spread fast in the make-up world so the duo set to work conjuring up other products Em-J felt she lacked in her kit. The idea of making new ways to organise make-up as well as creating things that already existed in plain designs and adding funky twists by offering them in beautiful patterns!

In 2016 Em-J started eating a plant based diet which then led her to also look for leather alternatives for fashion accessories. In a vastly growing market she felt frustrated at the lack of options so set about expanding the Em-J companies collection into Boss-lady pieces such as tote bags and classy laptop clutches.

6 years on, The emJ company has rapidly become a centrepiece brand for professional kits worldwide and is being used within all fields of Make-up, Hair, Fashion and Beauty.

The emJ Company has a simple goal of giving creative’s the chance to express their unique style with an array of exquisite designs as well as reaching demands of a fast-paced professional lifestyle.


Owner- Em-J was asked to be interviewed for the podcast ‘CEO’s wear Sneakers’ in collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuck’s book ‘CRUSHING IT’

Being interviewed by K.Swiss president Barney Waters and Global marketing director Patrick Buchanan, they discuss starting from scratch, ethics and future plans for The emJ Company.

We are so excited to be sponsoring The Factor Make-up squad 2018.

The Glamsquad behind our favourite talent show have their work spaces draped in emJ accessories this year. If you watch closely on the Xtra Factor when they sneak into the make-up room you will see emJ Make-up mats, Pencil rolls, Gloss rolls and a scattering on Kit bags! Keep your eyes pealed and send us a snap! @emjcompany

More backstage pics and videos coming soon!