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 Annie is the ultimate cross over brush for eye shadow application and blending. Annie’s long graceful hair has been designed in a flute like shape to enable easy buffing of eyeshadow in the socket and under the eye to create your desired look. 



Bobbie’s small and pencil like tip enables ease of blending detail around the eye. Ideal for buffing out pencils, gel liners and eyeshadows for a soft, smouldering look.



Eileen is the ultimate eyeliner brush. Made with a minimal amount of hairs, Eileen’s is possibly the skinniest liner brush on the market designed to give you absolute control and precision when creating the perfect wing. 

Boasting ground-breaking technology, emJ brushes have been developed with the most innovative vegan hair on the market to date. Each strand of hair has been specifically designed to mimic the science of animal hair resulting in seamless application for both liquid and powder formulations. emJ’s vegan brush range is made with hypo allogenic and antibacterial materials, absorbing minimal product resulting in less waste. 


The long, sleek brush handles are hand crafted from wood in the UK, dipped in soft coated matte  paint specially designed for comfort and durability for pro artists as well as day to day make-up application.




- Handmade in England


- 100% Vegan


- Cruelty free




-Hypo allogenic 


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Siân 7th Jun 2018


For the longest time I’ve been using thin paintbrushes to perfect eyeliner due to never finding an eyeliner brush small enough, but I’ve finally found one! It’s incredible, very smooth and easy to use. No need to worry about the white bristles either as they cleaned right up with no staining. Love them!

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