The emJ Company emerges as the UK’s leading designer of kit essentials for Make-up, Hair and Beauty professionals. Recently branching out to high quality lifestyle pieces.

With the simple goal of giving creative’s the chance to express their unique style with an array of exquisite designs as well as reaching demands of a fast-paced professional lifestyle. 

After extensive research and feedback from highly respectable Artists- The emJ Company has compiled key requirements to build the highest standard of kit pieces available on the market today.

Behind each emJ piece we have a talented team of textile and beauty industry experts carefully crafting each zip, pocket and seem, tailoring each item for every professional requirement. Every single emJ piece is thought up, designed and handmade in Leicestershire-England.


We continue to challenge ourselves into creating highly desirable and intuitive products for our ever-growing clientele.



If you have any questions... please do drop us an email.



With Love, 


The emJ team.





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Emily-Jane Williams